Live In-Game Hockey Betting Guide For 2024

After you find a quality site out there with which to bet, you will quickly learn that there are many different ways to legally bet on hockey. You can bet on entire series. You can bet on straight winners and losers. You can take the favorites or the underdogs. You can find a slew of proposition bets like number of goals scored, penalties assessed, and much more. But best of all, you can even find live in-game betting options that will give you plenty to wager on while the game is actually being played!

Live betting isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it does have its strong points for gamblers looking to leverage their bets and to take live action as it happens. We have found that lines for both NHL hockey games and NCAA hockey games are included in live betting options at the best online sportsbooks. If you are new to betting on hockey, we recommend that you check out our pages covering hockey betting tips. These pages provide a basic overview of how the odds, lines, and wagers work in hockey, which should be understood before you move on to live betting.

Best USA Sportsbook For Live Hockey Betting In 2024

Bet Hockey Games Legally At Betonline Sportsbook

When it comes to live hockey betting, BetOnline AG offers a substantial wagering experience. The site has worked hard to include a wide range of lines in its live betting and live in-play betting sections, and BetOnline effectively covers the extensive hockey season. Customers who sign up now can claim up to $1000 in sportsbook welcome bonus free-plays, and returning members can get a 25% lifetime reload bonus worth up to $1000 on every single deposit.

BetOnline takes customers from the United States and many international countries, and the legal age to join is just 18 and up. The BetOnline banking suite features a great selection of US-friendly funding options, and payouts are handled efficiently and quickly. BetOnline's customer support is knowledgeable and responsive, and the website and mobile sportsbook are both easy to navigate and intuitive to use.

2024's Best Online Sportsbooks Offering Live In-Play Hockey Betting

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How Live Hockey Betting Works

Live betting is easy enough to explain. Imagine that you're about to watch the Capitals and the Rangers play a game. They take the ice at 8pm, and you're interested in placing some wagers. So, you visit the sportsbook, and you see the "live betting" tab.

By visiting this section, you will notice that some wagers can be made as the game is being played.  The appeal here is understandable. Let's say that you placed a wager on the Rangers to win the game. However, after two periods, it's not looking good. The Rangers started out the game as favorites, but down 2-1, the live betting odds have changed and now the Capitals are the favorites. If you wanted to leverage your action here, you could place a new wager on the Capitals to end up winning.

While you're risking twice the money in this type of situation, you're actually creating more leverage. Because no matter which team ends up winning, you are leveraged and have a payday coming. So while it might not be a large payday, you won't lose any money if you're able to hedge your live bets correctly.

The same goes with different prop bets and other aspects of betting. As the game goes on, there will be different categories opened up for live betting. You have to take care to only place small leverage bets on these different aspects. It's very easy to get carried away.

Hockey Live Betting Tips

Let's say that you put down $100 on the Rangers. They were favored to win with a line of -150, so a win here will only net you $67 in profit. However, after a couple periods have been played, they're losing 2-1 and the odds have shifted in the Capitals' favor.

If you want to leverage here, you should take care to only place a large enough bet to cover even with a small profit. For instance, the new line may be Capitals -120. Remember, if the Rangers come back and win, your initial bet stays the same, so you'll have $67 coming regardless. But to cover that potential $100 lost, you could place another wager on the new favorites.

The biggest issue here is to remember not to get carried away by betting hundreds of dollars. For example, let's say the odds shift after the first period, and so you place $400 on the Caps. However, after the second period, the Rangers have taken the lead again and the odds have changed yet again. As you can imagine, the danger here is chasing the odds back and forth. However, by placing smaller wagers just to leverage and cover in ideal positions, you won't have to worry about eating losses. Your win totals might be small, but you won't have to suffer big losses.

When betting live, always proceed with extreme caution and never chase the odds. With gambling in general, remember to exercise caution and to bet with your head, not your heart.