Hockey Betting Tips And Strategies Updated For 2024

There are 1271 hockey games in the regular NHL season, which gives gamblers plenty to bet on over the course of an entire campaign. Fans can enjoy betting on NHL hockey, and for for those with a love for the collegiate leagues, fans can also enjoy betting on NCAA hockey. Bets can be placed on multiple aspects of each game, from the moneyline and O/U to per-period and per-half bets on performances, and even prop bets on factors other than the winners and losers.

However, there has to be at least some scientific thought put into gambling, even though it's still reliant on a fair amount of chance. That is to say, you still need a logical, deductive way of going about placing bets, whereby you greatly minimize your risks while seeking to maximize on your rewards.

If you read additional sections of our NHL betting resource site, then you should already have a fundamental idea about how to read hockey betting lines. In this section of our site, we're going to illustrate how you can bet on hockey games in order to minimize your risks while regularly reaping substantial rewards. These suggestions are not written in stone – We will not tell you which games to bet on or which hockey lines to avoid. We merely offer some practical suggestions that you can use to get more out of your own hockey betting strategy.

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Tips for Betting on Hockey Games

Bet Per Game, Not Per Series

Hockey schedules don't always wait for the playoffs to have different series. Like the MLB, it's not surprising to find that NHL teams play each other in successive games. When this is the case, and you're looking at a series between team A and team B, you should focus only on betting on a per-game basis.

So, let's say you think the Capitals can march through the first round of the playoffs, and so you want to lay a large bet that says they'll get through to the second round. You should resist this urge and instead bet on a game-by-game basis. If their star player gets hurt, or if the other team gets on a roll, you are locked in with a bet on the series. With a per-game bet, you're at no prolonged risk here. You can mix and match, switch and leverage, on every game.

Find a Line That's Comfortable

The next step is to find a line with which you're comfortable. Referring back to our hockey betting lines section of the resource site, you might remember the -310/+255 example. What you're hunting around for with your hockey bets is a comfortable line that will pay off.

For instance, let's say you find a team that you really feel is a huge favorite, but the oddsmakers only have them at -120. This is a great way to minimize your risks while maximizing rewards, as a $120 bet will pay $100, and that's a great payday for a team that's heavily favored.

Or you might find an incredible underdog on which to bet, where the line is somewhere around +400. This is literally 4:1 odds, so every $1 wins $4. This is a hard one to pass up, especially if you can get that moneyline on a point spread (e.g. +2) and not just on a straight win. So while it might take some hunting, you can always find favorable lines on which to bet.

Find a Site That's Trustworthy

No matter how great a hockey betting line is, you still need a reputable site at which to bet. The only way you're really going to find a trustworthy site for hockey betting in the USA is to do your research. You want to read what actual gamblers are saying about the site; e.g. find forums and blogs where real-life customers are speaking about the site.

There, you will read all about how quickly they handle payoffs, what types of betting odds they offer, and other information pertinent to your betting. It might seem like hard work, but it's worth it to find a great site to bet with. We've done that over many years and have presented our top choices to you here at this page, but while we're confident in our picks, you should definitely line up your own shot, too.

Bet Small and Leverage

You might have that proverbial itch to place a large bet. It gives you a rush. It makes you feel like you're seriously gambling. But it also puts you at risk for a big loss. Every dollar bet is a potential loss. So, instead of betting big all on one game, try to see if you can leverage your bets.

For instance, if you find a few different lines you like, go ahead and place smaller wagers on them. This way, if you win 3 out of 4, at $20 per on $10 bets, you're still up $20 after the smoke has cleared. These sorts of wins aren't huge, but you also don't have to worry about risking a lot of money.

Leveraging out in different areas gives you an opportunity to clean up on multiple small bets and to stack your profits up. Betting is a long-term proposition if you want to be successful and turn a profit. Slow and steady wins the race, even when it's a breakaway!